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Here is the the first page (before first re-write)

Jan. 6th, 2012 | 10:18 am

Venice Foster waited. Beneath the shadowing sky, life was waiting. True he had been an impatient youth with an eager rump of a stallion. Waiting like he did now would have been like locking that wild horse in a birdcage. It would have killed him. Composed, he was now master over the hours though they blurred the line between night and dark. He would not set his temper against time nor fate. His wisdom whispered in his ear, that nothing would avail of an eager compulsion to action. It was all in the breathing. It calmed the mind and gave ease to the body. He inhaled the steam coming from the bowl of red grains that he set out onto the window sill to cool. Dinner. With over a decade of travels Venice was used to strange lands but that compared nothing to existing together with strangeness and eating from its very kitchen. Here he was though. It was ironic he thought, that he should be the one that they accept. He was the only human in this city, this clay city birthed from the hands of a strange race.

He tossed into the steam, a variety of slightly spoiled mushrooms and sat back into his comfy lounger. Really he had his pick of fresh produce year round but he didn’t like to see anything go to waste and the spices of this land would mask the natural rot. The night air was tepid so it would take longer than normal to cool the bowl. It had been a warm but not unpleasant night. It was a night where groups of the creatures he lived with sat out on their balconies, heels kicking the air as their legs dangled over the edge. He hadn’t joined them though he would have been welcome of course. Now they were asleep and he the only human was the last one awake this hour. Afonbost had just closed its sleepy eyes as the last candle was snuffed out and the air hummed with night insects. The sheer luxury of several weeks without incident wasn’t missed by the old man and he had marinated in the time, soaking up every last ounce of enjoyment like a good chunk of meat would have soaked up the special garlic sauce he used to make before he had moved here. Not that he had been afforded access to any meat in years of course, living in this country all this time, Moddick country.

As a distraction, he took out a rag and polished the lens of his brass microscope, a chore he completed several times a day with loving precision. It was after all in part these mechanical tools that had won him the respect of the inhabitants. In many ways their curious nature had been the reason for humans in Afonbost. Rising from a novel shaped base were three turned pillars, used to support the body of the microscope. Venice adjusted the brass knobs on either sides, wincing at the realization that the old piece was becoming rather old and even the generous amounts of oil he used to loosen the inclination of the axis wasn’t enough to get the base to rise and lower as gently as it did in years prior. This was a simpler life though and if his equipment getting old was his only problem, he didn’t have much to complain about. Compared to years prior when he was still a priest and the Moddicks were first accepting humans into their midst, life was easy, comfortable even. These were peaceable times between both races and Venice was glad to make this tower his permanent residence, now as the town’s sentry.

The town had its own sentries of course, but none like Venice. He was originally a human emissary meant to keep peace from one of the Southern human villages. Moddicks and humans had fought for centuries over territory and resources. During this time, the humans had been particularly vicious and would plunder the Moddick villages laying a path of carnage and ruin. Over time, the human cities grew more industrious and therefore peaceable. It was a long arduous task to win the trust of the Moddicks who had once been murdered at the hands of greedy humans, but after countless attempts at peace and years and years of showing a deep commitment toward that end, the strange beings had submitted to a treaty of peace and human emissaries were permitted into Afonbost for a time to continue to strengthen that bond. Venice was in the first wave of emissaries. A human priest with a kind temperament, he had fallen in love with the citys inhabitants and was also beloved by them. He had decided the simpler ways of Afonbost was a more suitable lifestyle for him and had become a full time resident some twenty years prior. Now as an older man, he had taken a protective role in the city with his sight enhancing tools and helped to keep watch in his tower. The bell was his only steady companion and she rang loudly when danger beckoned.

Finally the porridge was ready. Just starting to savor the taste of the delicate hues of Yayore Spice, he was two bites in when Venice heard a thunderous noise outside the tower. It was like something had crashed into the city walls. It was loud enough that it shook his tower, the glass and ceramic tools vibrating rapidly like the start of a storm as they were shook with a baritone hum. After the crash he heard loud scrapping. Contractual obligation cut dinner short.

Dropping his bowl in the rush he spilled a portion of it on the marble table as he went to the stairs. The candles on the walls cast dancing shadows through the spiraling staircase. The shadows were caught from the columns and seemed to pounce on the old man as he ascended. When he came to the top he glanced out the window and saw darkness but enough light to use his tool. His trained eyes peered through one of his telescopes, the largest he owned. The moon gave off a grey mare light and he saw the vast horizon before him, still and silent. The valley was low and a deep rust color from the clay. He looked for over an hour spying nothing but shadows and the mist. Venice blinked and rubbed his eyes, satisfied that there was nothing approaching. He wasn’t sure what the noise had been but there didn’t seem to be any danger. Slower then he had sprung to action, he approached the stairs, mindful of his old knee. Without the rush of adrenaline to spur him, he was reminded with a pulsing ache that he was in fact growing rather old and these steps were longer then he remembered now that he peered down them. Bending, he started his descent.

"What was that?" He was not three steps down when he heard something again, this time the sound was piercing and unnatural. It bellowed in the night. It was an ancient noise of old things better left forgotten in dead lands, whispers and rumors and far from the light. He knew that sound. But where was it?

Venice caught something out of the corner of his eye in a window that made him jump back. This close up he could have easily mistaken what he saw, the white emptiness could be anything to another pressed up as it was near the window. Venice knew though, this was the eye of her hunter. And it was searching for him. His instinct told him to move. Luckily so as a giant arm crashed through the walls and smashed the staircase he had been standing on moments before with several vertical swings. The rubble smashed his favorite bookcase below. If he hadn’t seen the giant eye in the window, he would be under the rubble below with his books. The creature bellowed once more and Venice lept to the top of the tower and felt his old bones crack as he stood. He cried out in pain, his ankle pulsing but he didn’t have time to look at it. Hugging the baked clay walls with his back, Venice felt his heart racing and his breathe nearly lost. He knew it would be this large, this fearsome but the reality of it jarred him.

Venice turned the corner and looked for a place to hide. There was nowhere to go and there were windows all around. He could be seen from any angle. Venice considered his options. He could jump but that wouldn’t end well. The old man knew this day would come but why now when he was so ill prepared. Why now?

What could he do though? Knowing full well that the eyes were upon him still he sat, waiting. He didn’t have to wait long. Then he felt was extreme confusion as the ground below him swayed. The tower was lifting and the force was causing the tower bell to rock violently. An immense sway rushed all of his insides forcibly to his left and then to his right. So this is what SHE wanted. So be it. He was lifted so quickly the force caused him to black out from the pressure building in his body. Venice Foster was carried off into the night.

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A writing bliss

Jan. 6th, 2012 | 10:09 am

225 pages. That number is incredible to me. The most I had ever written in my life was 20 maybe 30 pages and was a result of a scholastic deadline. This...this was all me. It is all coming together and I can't believe it. I feel like a different person. This person is strong and capable. The Rabbit Chronicles is coming!

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2011 and beyond

May. 5th, 2011 | 04:45 pm

I love that this "livejournal" was still out in cyber space waiting for me to stumble back upon. It showed me how much I have grown and yet how some pieces of me have stayed the same. That is in some ways a relief as I have grown so much this last year (a result of self inflicted duress). There IS a core to me. There is something that stays whole in me that doesn't fade or change with the passing of time. Proof of a soul maybe? (side note: I posted an article about needing to kick diet soda (which I have) and being obsessed with Wonder Woman (she was my Halloween costume for 2010).

I have gone through a year of great struggle and pain to emerge a beautiful woman with fervor for life and hope. I have unwavering belief in myself and my self image is better than ever. I was divorced in 2010, in truth I married the wrong guy for the wrong reasons. I married that guy I mentioned (Paul) and had an awful divorce that left us both with scars. I made a lot of mistakes and coping with those mistakes and the repercussions, was the greatest gift I could have received though I did not see it at the time. It forced me to become a positive person, to work on my self esteem, to become completely independent again and to seek the right people in my life. I would never change that I went through it all, even the times when I was a topic of gossip and wasn’t even invited to a former friends birthday party, as he was invited instead. I learned that I won’t allow those type of people in my life again. My friends are now open minded, supportive, and forgiving. I can be human and it’s ok to make mistakes. That was a huge step because the people I surrounded myself with were unfortunately weak, insecure, and judgmental. We (my love Jason and I, yes I met someone amazing) have an AMAZING support system of friends. I have put to death friendships that I hung onto the past that were honestly not good for me and have learned to surround myself with positive, uplifting people that see the world as I do. Jason is also so supportive. He never once let's me put myself down and offers more emotional support then I ever thought that a mate could. I am in a very, very good place emotionally, physically, socially, etc. This is the best time of my life. I am so blessed!

"The Rabbit Chronicles" is really taking off. I stopped writing because I was sensitive to the criticism my ex husband gave me. I don’t think he really ever saw my potential. True, the writing I started in 2006 was lack-luster and weak. With a more expansive view of the world, I have picked the project back up and have written around 40 pages. It is MUCH better. It is a real book and I will publish it. I also bought a house this year and my new boyfriend and I will move in together in just a few weeks.

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(no subject)

May. 31st, 2006 | 02:29 pm

Work is going smoothly and my love life is phenomenal. I have told almost every one of my girlfriends some of the nice things Paul as said lately that has me just floating. I guess it is to be expected but it has also attracted me a fair share of jealousy as well.

So my favorite is this. Paul was talking about his younger brother Patrick who is a financial manager. Patrick travels the US and makes Buco-bucks. Paul said that he could devote all of his time and energy into his company and be promoted (he is already a manager and has been offered positions in other states) but he wants to make sure that he has time for a wife and family. He looked at me very seriously and said that Patrick will become a millionaire, but to him, I am his millions dollars and it does not matter how much money we ever have. Awwww melt!

I was completely honest with him when I told him today that he is what little girls dream about, knights in shining armor that swoop and save the day. Except girls become women who realize that men aren’t like fairy tales and many of them are actually very mean and selfish. Paul is what I dreamed about as a little girl.

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After Party

May. 17th, 2006 | 11:54 pm
mood: contemplative contemplative

I don't have big expectations for birthdays, they usually are a hue let down. But this year, when I was least expecting it, oh my gosh my birthday was freaking fabulous. All of my friends from work (and Heather) along with my brother and his girlfriend blindfolded me and took me to Benihana's. I was surprised at all the people that showed up. It made me feel so special to have so many smiling faces show up with bags of gifts. People that I would have not imagined were there and it was kinda out of the way for a lot of people who live far away from Beaverton. I had my hair trimmed and flipped out from Traci's Studio and wore a pink and black skirt outfit. Paul took me back to the bar and ordered me a brain tumor and a fluffy raspberry drink and since Paul knew the waiter we all got free drinks. We sat in the bar for about a half hour then took our seats as out waiter, Felix introduced himself and started to make our food on the Habachi grill. Most of us had steak or chicken, I had the scallops. Then I had to wear this silly hat while the staff sang happy birthday. My friend from college Heather had designed a cake with oriental flowers.
I think in total they sang happy birthday like three times. After the dinner we all went to karaoke and Lacey and Mel sang me like a virgin and started crawling all over me. Lol. The next day we all woke up and went camping. the best part was a long hike along the rive. It was cool because it was like an obstacle course. The path we chose used to be a road, but a landslide had taken out bridges and narrowed the path, so we had to keep on forging the river when the path would would narrow and make our way over logs and rocks, and through swamps. It was so fun. I sent thank you cards to everyone. I had so many to write I got a cramp in my hand.

Mel got me the birdcage I had wanted to for my palace bedroom:

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May. 7th, 2006 | 10:43 am
mood: drained drained

Me and the gang have been going to Harvey’s comedy club. That is such a fun place and the food is great; I always get spinach dip plus another entrée. Sometimes the wait staff sucks (more then once I have had a drink spilt on me) but the comedians have always been great. I have seen everything from an Adam Sandler type to a Drew Carey type. Fun stuff. I have to agree with Paul that it is best when it is just the three of us, even though the groups we have brought out have been really fun.

So yeah, everyone has been like really sick in my life. Two days ago I received a call that my dad was having a heart attack (he is fine now). And I just got out of the ER for my b-friend. We went in at like 3am. He had been up for about an hour puking and having diarrhea ( I assumed it was just food poising and drove him to the hospital). Turns out there is a current “sailor flu” going around that is very vicious and very painful. Since Paul works retail in the store he manages, he caught, let’s not hope I am next. So anyhow a little word to the wise folks, this disease is caught by transferring from infected body fluids to mouth, so wash your damn hands!!!!

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(no subject)

May. 2nd, 2006 | 04:01 pm
mood: curious curious

I am really missing doing active work. It was so nice to be able to eat what ever I want and also have the energy to do almost anything. In one year I have gone from super active wonder woman to a woman that actually has to force herself to anything besides go to the gym four times a week. I have started to get more active by taking more walks and doing manual labor like landscaping, etc. on the weekend. For my lunch break today I went and took a warm bath and then took Satine (my roommates black lab) for a half hour walk. It is beautiful outside, but I still had to force myself to get up off the couch. It was sad really, but a step in the right direction.

But, compared to my co-workers I AM active. That baffles me. I sit at a desk all day long; go to the gym and then play video games or watch foreign films with Paul. But my peers sit at desk all day and then go home and watch t.v. I don’t get how they can be like that. I don’t care about how much time a person has, you can always make physical activity a priority. I know people that get up an hour early to jog or walk during lunch break. Honestly, there is no excuse.

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Birthday baby!!!

May. 1st, 2006 | 05:35 pm
mood: complacent complacent

I am really excited about my birthday coming up on May 12. Alluding to what is coming by hints and secret smiles, Paul and Mel have disclosed that they have big plans so I can't wait to see what they are going to do! I have asked to go camping and Heather and my brother are coming as well. I fully trust Mel and Paul to make it special. They really are the best people I have ever met! My mom called and I told her that I din't want her getting my anything for my b-day. I know money is always tight for them and I have more money then I know what to do with (please don't let thet jinx me).

We went to the Clackamas mall on friday. I got this cool game called shadow+of+the+colossus. It is so fun. Paul bought a fun mortal combat game that he owned me at. I love that I have a boyfriend (finally) that loves me just the way I am and embraces my nerdy side, even encourages it! Though I think he liked my game more then I did even, he was up so late last night. After working at a friends house in the Couv (we painted and did yard work, and installation for a friend) I was so tired. I zonked out at like 10pm.

Anyhow, I am going to do free yardwork for an olderly lady in my neighborhoood this weekend, which should be fun!

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(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2006 | 11:18 am


I am long over due for displaying the pictures on which my work in progress, the Rabbit Chronicles, is based upon

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He is such a dork

Apr. 24th, 2006 | 04:32 pm

My boyfriend is so funny. He just bought a new car and made a livejournal from his cars perspective. Check it out!

Charlie Blue '06
Focus on Life

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